Office Cleaning

VIP MAINTENANCE Services can make the office look the best!

We at VIP MAINTENANCE ensure that each and every job undertaken by us is performed in the best manner using all our expertise and experience.

We take care of all office cleaning tasks of any office size- be it a large skyscraper or a small office.

VIP MAINTENANCE offers complete-service cleaning for the businesses operating in the metro area. It comprises of all regular everyday janitorial work likethe pickup of trash, mopping of floor, vacuum cleaning, window washing and the maintenance of washrooms. The charges will depend on the quantum of services and the number of cleanings per month. We make it sure that we are licensed and totally insured in order to protect all the business equipment and property from any kind of damage or theft.

The various options are-

  • Everyday cleaning or weekly janitorial service.
  • Trash disposal
  • Mopping and vacuuming of corridors and walkways using rinse-less neutral PH cleaner.
  • Sweeping of debris.
  • Cleaning of interior doors and windows.
  • Maintaining washrooms- There are many things included in this such as cleaning, polishing and disinfecting urinals, toilets, sinks and mirrors. Also, the mopping of floors, scrubbing sinks, and replenishment of consumables.
  • Maintenance, cleaning and buffing of waxed office floors.

All the cleaning equipment, processes and items of VIP MAINTENANCE are selected in such a manner that it is both safe and effective for your office. The level of cleaning provided by us not just ensures a safe and beautiful workplace but also creates a healthy environment for the visitors and staff. Regular and proper maintenance extends the lifetime of the floors and furnishings of the office.

VIP MAINTENANCE’s working staff undergoes regular training to keep up with high cleaning standards. Our Quality Assurance Program gives us a regular feedback to keep a track of our performance.

I just wanted to say how great it's been having VIP Maintenance as my cleaning company! They are reliable, thorough & efficient with their time. Any clarification of needs or expectations, from either of us, is discussed & addressed easily. Importantly, I trust them with the care of my home and my beloved pets. I have expressed my gratitude to VIP post-cleans many times, however I realized it's high time I told VIP of my gratitude.

Kerrin, Mississauga