Restaurant Cleaning Services

VIP maintenance offers a great deal of commercial cleaning services in Toronto to a wide range of locations such as schools, colleges, medical offices, offices, government institutions, retail shops, supermarkets, restaurants and many more. We are really proud to be the best restaurant cleaning Services Company in the area. Restaurants are a very critical place when it comes to cleanliness because they are a primary location for preparing and consuming food articles.

Dining Room- The dining room has to be clean all the times as they are the most crucial component of a restaurant. The cleaning crew effectively carries out the cleaning of carpets, washing the furniture, scrubbing the windows and walls, and dusting even the remotest location in the dining room. We make it sure that there is no aspect of cleanliness left out in the dining room.

Washrooms- It is very important for the restaurant’s washroom to be clean and tidy. This will greatly affect the goodwill and customer satisfaction of the restaurant. All the aspects in the restroom such as the sinks and toilets should be properly working, neat and clean. The whole place should have a nice smell and a soothing environment. VIP ensures all the above features and also replenishes the accessories in the washroom such as washroom fresheners, and soaps.

Kitchen- The restaurant’s kitchen is a place where the food items are made and stored. A proper cleaning activity has to be ensured to prevent any contamination of food here.

VIP Maintenance uses eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning items and processes to carry on restaurant cleaning activities. This ensures that no damage is caused to the hygiene of the place. Our well-equipped employees carry out great restaurant cleaning services. All the employees of VIP are adequately trained, bonded and insured for the best services to clients.

I just wanted to say how great it's been having VIP Maintenance as my cleaning company! They are reliable, thorough & efficient with their time. Any clarification of needs or expectations, from either of us, is discussed & addressed easily. Importantly, I trust them with the care of my home and my beloved pets. I have expressed my gratitude to VIP post-cleans many times, however I realized it's high time I told VIP of my gratitude.

Kerrin, Mississauga