Schools Cleaning Services

VIP Maintenance Cleaning Service delivers cleaning services to all education facilities like public schools, colleges, dormitories, and private schools. Toronto schools are generally overcrowded; this amplifies the accumulating speed of bacteria and dirt. VIP Maintenance Cleaning Service facilitates summer cleaning for the dormitories, thus leaving them cleanse and sparkling for the next academic session.

Janitorial services are also provided on day to day basis for schools that need regular cleaning services. This helps in the maintenance of cleanliness in the school and also to have a deep cleaning service done upon requirement. VIP encourages schools to undertake green cleaning, i.e., to go green by the use of eco-friendly cleaning products.

Hiring of professional schools cleaning service- Why?

  • The students spend most of their time in the school premises and a dirty school can lead to spreading of sickness and therefore lead to high absenteeism.
  • Cleanliness facilitates comfortable learning for the students and the employees to perform their duties.

Heavily populated Toronto schools are an easy avenue for the spreading of diseases such as cold and flu. This basically occurs because of the children getting in contact with all sorts of germs. This leads to a heavy loss in the study time of the students.

VIP understands how painful it is for the parents to see their children sick. We also understand that how much absenteeism can cause loss of school performance. This is the simple reason why we are so proud of providing schools cleanings services across the Toronto metro areas. We possess great experience as a company providing school cleaning services.

We are also proud of providing eco-friendly cleaning service by the use biodegradable products.

Contact VIP Maintenance to learn more about our School Cleaning Services. We will provide a competitive quote for free and make sure that you get the best services.

I just wanted to say how great it's been having VIP Maintenance as my cleaning company! They are reliable, thorough & efficient with their time. Any clarification of needs or expectations, from either of us, is discussed & addressed easily. Importantly, I trust them with the care of my home and my beloved pets. I have expressed my gratitude to VIP post-cleans many times, however I realized it's high time I told VIP of my gratitude.

Kerrin, Mississauga