Supermarkets Cleaning Services

The cleaning of supermarkets is not that easy. The simple reason behind this is that the footfall in the supermarkets is much higher than any other shops. Also, cleanliness is very critical in this form of trade as huge amounts of foodstuffs are made and stored here like for example- butcher shop, bakery, refrigerators, cold storage, deli, and so on.

It becomes extremely important to use non-toxic or non-poisonous cleaning substances here because of the food items. Professional cleaning service will make sure that there is no food contamination done in the cleaning process.
Professional supermarket’s cleaning service is no more a luxury service, but has become a necessity. VIP maintenance helps the supermarket’s cleanliness level match the industry’s cleanliness and hygiene standards by offering a total supermarket cleaning solution. This includes de-greasing and sanitation work.

Products used by VIP Maintenance meet the EcoLogo standards and norms

Most of the flooring of supermarkets is vinyl flooring or VCT. VIP Maintenance just does not take care of the supermarket premises but also helps the management to organise maintenance programs for the staff and employees. This maintenance program will help your employees conduct some basic maintenance work. In the retail sector, especially in case of food sector, it is of great importance that the cleaning products are non-toxic so as to avoid any sort of food contamination.

VIP maintenance uses products that are certified by EcoLogo which is a certification issued by the Canadian Government. This certification implies that these products are safe, biodegradable, non-carcinogenic, and phosphate free. VIP also participates in WHMIS that aims to protect the safety and health of the workers.

The services that we offer are-

  • Tailored cleaning programs.
  • Carpet cleaning.
  • Recycling service.
  • Vacuuming.
  • Emergency and short-notice cleaning.
  • Maintenance of lighting system.
  • Shelf-dusting.
  • Office cleaning
  • Maintenance of bathrooms
  • Maintenance of Hard floors
  • Window cleaning- both regular and storefront

I just wanted to say how great it's been having VIP Maintenance as my cleaning company! They are reliable, thorough & efficient with their time. Any clarification of needs or expectations, from either of us, is discussed & addressed easily. Importantly, I trust them with the care of my home and my beloved pets. I have expressed my gratitude to VIP post-cleans many times, however I realized it's high time I told VIP of my gratitude.

Kerrin, Mississauga